dynamic control of electron flow for maximum performance

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Dynamic E flow is your hollow wire technology specialist for small and medium-sized electric engineering since 2014. With the industrialisation of the flexible enamelled hollow wire (capcooltech® wire) and the relevant connection technology (capcooltech® box), dynamic E flow has realised a technology for the broad electric mechanical engineering market. The application of capcooltech® enables a multiplication of the power density of electrical machines. Capcooltech® is a multidisciplinary technology; this means it is easy to apply to almost all machine types. Dynamic E flow is pre-development partner, licensor and expertise supplier for manufacturers of capcooltech® machines. In addition, we provide engines and components and systems in series of up to five thousands units a year.
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We develop a new generation of machines.

Dynamic E flow GmbH is a specialist for hollow wire, winding and connection technology and its application. We develop and produce hollow wire technology solutions and we supply:

  • Complete systems (e.g.: e-motors with hydraulic and control system)
  • Individual assemblies (e.g.: stators with connection box for installation in bell housings)
  • Specific components (e.g.: hollow wire) including processing-know-how and licences (e.g.:  for winding stators and their connections to the connection unit)
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