"We dissipate the heat where it is generated."

Technological advantages

Capcooltech® is suited for a whole array of electric machines and transformers; the range of applications includes:

  • Rotary table motors for the industry and other torque motors
  • Continuous motors for work machines and material handling
  • Low voltage motors for oil and gas platforms
  • Electric motors for test bench applications
  • Motor spindles, in particular for high torque requirements, e.g.: for aerospace
  • 48V generators for automotive and commercial vehicle as well as heat recovery systems
  • Hybrid applications for mobility applications and diesel-electric systems
  • Traction drives for high continuous performance for commercial vehicles and premium vehicles with enhanced power requirements
  • Low voltage application in mobility applications
  • External rotor motors for hub technology, drive positioned close to the wheels and other direct drives
  • Actuators, motors and transformers for aerospace
  • Inductive charging technology, DC-DC converter
  • Magnetic resonance technology
  • etc.
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Our scope of delivery includes:

  • Prototypes and small series, or test bench systems and A/B/C prototype systems
  • Systems or components
  • Hollow wire and expertise
  • Engineering and production
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