"We dissipate the heat where it is generated."

Capcooltech® technology

The hollow wire technology makes it possible to dissipate the heat at the source. In addition, copper offers a very good thermal conductivity value. This way, very high output can be transferred under optimal thermal operating conditions which cannot be achieved with conventional machines. The hollow wire technology multiplies the potential output of machines, thus requiring less mass and installation space.
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Capcooltech® (capillaries cooling technology) is an innovation developed by the dynamic E flow GmbH for the application of hollow wires in smaller and larger series of electric machines. It is an industrially enamelled, infinitely produced hollow wire whose dimensions correspond to those of conventional wire. The copper enamelled hollow wire (capcooltech® wire) can therefore be processed using conventional winding methods. Complementary to the wire, the corresponding connection technology is also provided (capcooltech® box).
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